About Us

Mission Statement:
Aim High is dedicated to helping young people reach their fullest potential by providing a nuturing environment that encourages friendship-building and love of learning. Click here to see our movie.

Our Philosophy:
Aim High believes that every child needs support in order to become the best that he or she can be. At Aim High, we understand that life can be more challenging for families who are touched by autism and other developmental disabilities. We believe that children who have developmental differences are individuals FIRST and deserve a happy, fulfilling life. Our challenge is to create opportunites for them to shine. In order to do this, we help each child find and capitalize on his or her unique strengths and interest.

We believe that working closely with the family, school and community is imperative in order to ensure that we help the child in the best possible way. Any goals that the school and home have are incorperated into our action plan so that the child can generalize learning across all environments.

Our Teachers:

Marya Laviste - Owner earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 1990 at the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines, and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2006 at Argosy University in Seattle. She is a licensed mental health counselor, child mental health specialist and developmental disabilities mental health specialist. In addition to working with children and youth in a therapeutic respite environment, she provides mental health counseling services, and has a special interest in working with families touched by autism and other developmental differences. Her journey with autism started when her own son was diagnosed with autism at the age of four.

"In the beginning, like many parents whose child is given a diagnosis of autism, I devoured anything and everything I could about the subject, sorted through a variety of therapies, and learned to maneuver through the labyrinth of public services, while at the same time trying to keep our family life somewhat sane. About a decade later, my family's focus has shifted from finding a cure for Vincent, to living a balanced life. Over the years, autism has become woven into our family tapestry. It's has become a part of "our life as usual." We have made peace with autism. Living life is our therapy: developing friendships, learning to negotiate the environment, making mistakes, pulling ourselves back together, learning to play, learning to work, learning to accept ambiguity, celebrating small successes: everyday striving towards wholeness. It is my hope that our families at Aim High, and all families, can find their own balance, their own "normal," and the resilience to meet life's challenges with open hearts and minds, again and again and again."

Guest Teachers:

Music and Art Therapist - Wendy Zieve MA, MT-BC resides in the Shoreline area north of Seattle, and has degrees in Music Therapy, Expressive Therapies (including art, drama and dance) and Music Education and Elementary Education. She has taught preschool and general elementary music in school settings for the past 10 years and has also used her music therapy skills to service children in special education programs at camps, parks, Children's Hospital and in private practice. She has taught college courses on topics related to music therapy at Seattle Pacific University, Antioch Seattle, Western Washington University and the Heritage Institute and she has presented at many conferences. She can be contacted through e-mail at: wzieve@comcast.net

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